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Rathimed Fertility Center

Rathimed Fertility Centre is a world class one stop diagnosing and fertility treatment centre with a team of leading reproductive and fertility consultants, nurses and counselors who strive to work towards reducing the time to pregnancy in couples who are planning to have a baby. We are proud to bring together renowned infertility specialists along with most advanced state-of-the-art IVF and andrology laboratory with extensive services, all under one roof. Infertility issues can cause lots of stress and fears of never having a biological child, undergoing invasive treatments and procedures and handling the financial impact of treatment add dimensions unfamiliar to many patients. At Rathimed Fertility Centre we offer safe, advanced and effective infertility treatments from a panel of well experienced infertility specialists at transparent costs. We provide a blend of technology and expertise to offer best-in-class infertility treatment with patient oriented individualized treatment strategies to reduce the time to pregnancy. With years of experience, we understand the challenges faced by couples with infertility issues and offer all care, support and counseling from the time you contact us. We are welcoming everyone who feels the need of assistance from our team of expert infertility specialists to resolve all your infertility issues with the right treatment options.

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