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How should I get ready for fibroid surgery?

Date :24-Jan-2022

A pelvic ultrasound and in some circumstances, an MRI is suggested to recognise the size and location of the fibroid.  In case of big fibroids, you may be given medicine to shrink the fibroids a little before surgery to reduce the period of the surgery. You should talk to our gynaecologist about whether any of your medications need to be dropped before the procedure.  “You may also have to undertake blood tests as part of a pre-anaesthetic check-up. During this consultation, you will meet anaesthetists who will take a thorough history and ask about any reactions you may have

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When Should You See a Fertility Specialist?

Date :10-Dec-2021

Infertility is a medicinalailment that is time-sensitive. Don’t put your fertility period on hold until the “right time” comes, because when infertility is found out, the right time to act is now.  Have you been trying for a child for more than a year without any positive results? Then chances are that you need medical help to conceive successfully. This window is smaller for couples above 35, who should seek professional advice after trying for 6 months. Why Should You Not Delay Treatment? The ovarian reserve declines with every menstrual cycle Advanced age is con

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Ease the Infertility Treatment Journey With Rathimed

Date :11-Nov-2021

The word infertility has become familiar nowadays. This is mainly because of the rising number of cases of infertility among people. People are looking for several ways to overcome this problem. The reasons behind infertility between men and women are different and so are the treatments. If you need the help of an infertility clinic in Chennai, visit over the years, we have performed many treatments that are now considered the best fertility hospital in chennai. Here are the procedures that are now considered the best infertility treatment in Chennai.   Ovulat

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Are Fibroids In Uterus Dangerous?

Date :18-Oct-2021

Uterine fibroids are the benign growths that may develop in the muscle of the uterus. The size of a fibroid may vary from very tiny (less than one inch) mass to a melon sized mass. There may be one fibroid or many fibroids of different sizes. According to National Institute of Health (NIH), nearly 70% to 80% of women have fibroids by the age of 50. Uterine fibroids may severely affect a women’s quality of life. A very large-sized fibroid expands the uterus to a size of 18 weeks pregnancy. In adding to this, the fibroids compress the bowel or the bladder leading to constipation or freque

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Infertility Treatments at Rathimed.

Date :22-Sep-2021

Infertility is one of the biggest problems for couples these days. It is common these days due to the rapid lifestyle changes we go through. But on the brighter side is these are curable If proper treatments are undergone regularly.   Different conditions demand different treatments, So let us walk through some treatments that we perform at rathimed.   Ovulation Induction & Cycle Monitoring.   Ovulation Induction and Cycle Monitoring is a process that stimulates ovulation with the help of medication that is given to patients at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and

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Dreams of Motherhood and IVF treatment

Date :13-Aug-2021

The demand for IVF treatment is gathering momentum like never before. This is because it has helped all those patients who were otherwise incapable to conceive. The fundamental objective of IVF is to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, today’s digitally driven and hectic corporate world has created a challenge for women who are looking to welcome Motherhood with the help of IVF treatment.  However, now there is a sure hope as Work from Home is the new norm for most of the organisations due to the current crisis caused by the pandemic. Working from Hom

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Date :23-Jul-2021

FIBROIDS:Fibroids are one of the most common conditions most women undergo. Fibroids are muscle tissues that are noncancerous and they excrescence over the uterus. The tissues in the walls of the uterus outgrow into fibroids in varying shapes and sizes. The size of these fibroids may become a major threat to fertility. According to statistics, only 5-10% of women face fertility issues because of fibroids. DIAGNOSIS:These fibroids can be easily diagnosed in a regular check-up by your gynecologist. If the fibroids appear to be large they can be found through external evaluations. If not based o

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What Is The Most Successful Fertility Treatment?

Date :07-Jun-2021

If you did not conceive within a reasonable period of time, find help from your doctor for the evaluation and treatment of infertility. The following Female Fertility treatments in Chennai are presently available for assisted conception. Intrauterine insemination (IUI): At the time of ovulation, a fine catheter is put in through the cervix into the uterus to place a sperm sample right into the uterus. The sperm is washed in a fluid and the best specimens are chosen. IUI is more commonly done when the man has a little sperm count, reduced sperm motility, or when infertility does not ha

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No Sperm! Now What?

Date :26-May-2021

Towards happiness of fatherhood Sperm retrieval is any approach used to get sperm for fertility purposes. There are many methods to get sperm. The technique used depends on why sperm aren't in the semen, what the patient needs, and the surgeon's talent. The facts here should help you and your partner talk with your urologist. Sperm Retrieval Treatment in Chennai On the base of the penis, sperm and testosterone (male hormone) are made in the scrotum's two testicles. The sperm moves through the testicles through a coiled tube named the epididymis. They stay there till they're all set to be

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Myomectomy In Chennai - Rathimed Fertility

Date :20-Apr-2021

Myomectomy is the surgical removal of fibroids from the uterus. It permits the uterus to be left in place andmakes pregnancy possible than before. Myomectomy is the favoured fibroid treatment for women who want to give birth. After myomectomy, your chances of pregnancy may be better. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue therapy has helped in reduction in size of fibroids and thereby decreasing the blood loss during myomectomy surgery.This therapy depresses the amount of estrogen your body makes. If you have excessive bleeding due to fibroid, GnRH-a therapy can likewise improve anaemia befo

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Fibroid Treatment in Chennai

Date :30-Mar-2021

Uterine fibroids are growths of the uterus that frequently appear during pregnancy years. These aren’t associated with a bigger risk of uterine cancer and practically never progress into cancer. Fibroids vary in size from seedlings, invisible by the human eye, to huge masses that can change and enlarge the uterus. Women may have encountered a single fibroid or multiple ones. In severe cases, multiple fibroids can expand the uterus so much that it rubs against the rib cage and can increase weight. Several women have uterine fibroids sometime in the course of their lives. But you might n

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Date :24-Mar-2021

We all live in a most evolved version of society, where everyone is adapting to modern concepts like fast food, slim fit clothes, irregular timings, and so on. In the process of following all these, we dreadfully fail in maintaining our health. Young enthusiastic minds are undergoing various health conditions these days. All these behavior affects human reproductive health miserably. Food habit is the core reason, many individual’s fertility is affected. To add purpose to your lives, Rathimed Hospitals offers reliable services with the best fertility doctor in Chennai. If you are facin

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